Finding the best dating sites in English speaking countries wasn’t en easy feat. While most others ‘reviews’ you’ll fins online focus on selling you some form of adult dating ( such as or ) – you’ll quickly find out that if you join these you’ll basically be jerking off to pictures of fake women.

We’ve listed the TWO best online dating sites by country below. Click on your country to find out!

Best Dating Sites USA

BEST DATING SITES >> United States

A list of the two best dating American online dating websites, where you'll find real women and plenty of opportunities for dating. By Alex, our American collaborator.
Best Dating Sites UK

BEST DATING SITES >> United Kingdom

UK dating as analyzed by Aaron, HookupGuide's online dating lead in England. The two best British dating sites are listed here.
Best Dating Sites Canada


Canadian online dating is a little different from other dating geographies because of the distances involved. HookupGuide's Brett provides valuable advice into successfully hooking up in Canada's online dating landscape.
Best Dating Sites Australia


The two best Australian online dating recommendations our Australian friend John could find for your dating pleasure.

Per the advice in our guide, we hold dating websites to a different (and higher) standard: we require actual real women to be present on a dating site.

So how did we go about selecting the best dating sites listed for each country below?

We signed up for 8 to 15 dating memberships over a period of 6 months. Over these 6 months, we contacted women on each site, fairly uniformly. The sites which resulted in the most face-to-face meetings made it to the podium as the best dating website finalists.

If you haven’t read the guide yet, you should probably do so right now. In summary, We’re suggesting that INSTEAD of falling for adult dating scams, you sign up for one or more *REAL* online dating services (if you can afford more than one) and learn to go after the women that are more open to more casual dating.

We’re NOT suggesting that you should go after every woman on an online dating site. In fact, a large portion of women will not be responsive to what we’re proposing. However, there is a sizeable subset of women who claim to want long-term relationships and yet still open to casual dating while waiting for price charming. We’re suggesting you go after those.

So, to summarize, you should:
1) Read our guide here:
2) Select your country to find out which of our suggested best online dating sites is right for you
3) Use our method for finding and meeting women online

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