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Hey – this is John for HG Australia. Similar to Canadian dating, dating in Australia is a very city-specific activity. Because of the large distances involved, it’s seldom smart or worth it to try to meet women in the city you don’t live in.

Also – it’s good to know that unless you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle, Canberra or Adelaide – you probably shouldn’t use an Australian online dating services. For example, as a simple test – I tried to see if I’d be able to get a few date with ladies in Lismore. The total number of female profiles listed for that city was … 15. So you can imagine that if you happen to be a guy from Lismore, you’re shit out of luck. Also – be wary of the plethora fake Australian dating sites and dating scams.

With the above said, the websites listed here are general Australian dating websites, on which you’ll find the female dating majority:

Best Aussie Dating WebsitesSummary Online Dating Australia

Match Australia
Match Australia was started in 1997 and has been going strong on the dating front. It's possibly the most used sites by Australian singles for online dating. You'll find that there's a good stream of women on this dating site and their billing practices are straightforward & honest.'s online dating site has promoted it's message heavily in Australian media geared towards women - with the hope of attracting men to the site once there's enough 'female capital'. Mission accomplished :)

Women Contacted: 60
Responses Received: 49
Actual Dates: 37 Online Dating Australia

PassionSearch Australia
Over half the women I contacted through this dating site turned into real dates - which was surprising since I never really knew that they had such a large Aussie presence. I'd had almost already placed this dating site on my 'garbage' list for Australian dating - until I started getting emails back from women in Sydney. It's a great site - it seems that men (at least in Sydney) haven't fully discovered this one yet.

Women Contacted: 60
Responses Received: 44
Actual Dates: 30

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