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Brett here – representing Canada on HG. I’m here to try to explain which are the best dating sites in Canada that you can exploit for evil purposes :) The first thing I’ll say about dating in Canada (and we’re not even talking about online dating here) – is that it’s an ultra-local activity. Because we’re such a huge mass of land, and so sparsely populated, dating is very city-centric. This isn’t the US where you get in your car and hit another metropolis in 12 minutes flat.

Now – some of you might say “I’d go meet a chick in Montreal” if you’re from Ottawa like me. Well – let me tell you something – I’ve had 105 dates in the last 6 months of working for HG and testing out their guide tactics. Would you drive to Montreal (and back) 64 times? In 6 months? Hell no. No sane man would.

Anyway – so back to this dating business. The point is that you need to stick to your local city when dating. The good news is that American marketing has taken over our airwaves, and for all intent and purposes the Canadian online dating experience is very similar to the American dating experience. Of course, we have better looking girls – we don’t like to super-size our women here :)

Ok – so here’s the top 2 websites I’ve come up with for online dating in Canada (keep in mind – I’m in Ottawa):

Best Canadian Dating WebsitesSummary Online Dating Canada


PassionSearch Canada
PassionSearch is one of those sites that I almost feel bad like putting here, because the US guys have also named it as great sites. I don't feel like being a copycat - but what can I say - they are good. The signup process is simple and they are present is every major city in Canada: Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec City, Winnipeg, London, Kitchener, Saskatoon and Regina.

I've had good luck off this site, in combination with the advice in the guide.

Women Contacted: 120
Responses Received: 81
Actual Dates: 64

PassionSearch has a free trial available for new Canadian members. Online Dating Canada


LavaLife Canada has been around for quite some time on the Canadian dating scene, and I've had good results with it so far. There's a good amount of girls on the site, and I've been fortunate enough to find out that it's

Funny enough, this isn't my first encounter with this site. Two years ago, my wallet was stolen and the thief had used my credit card to signup for this website. Back then, I had called them, and they had promptly reversed the charges after VISA confirmed the theft. Makes me think that they have very honest billing practices - at least from my limited experience with

Women Contacted: 120
Responses Received: 72
Actual Dates: 51

LavaLife Canada offers a free trial for new members.

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