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Hi folks – Aaron reporting for HookupGuide’s UK arm. Online dating in the UK is a little different than in America. We’re not as big of a country, and that has definite advantages when it comes to meeting ladies. The Americans might think that they’ve got the ‘numbers’ advantage – but how many Russian, Romanian and Polish female population do they REALLY have?

The best UK dating sites don’t need a lot of explaining. The numbers speak for themselves. While London boys have more to choose from, there are plenty of women to go around for anyone in any city. You should read out guide to understand how to find out which are more vulnerable and open to suggestion.

We conducted this experiment over 6 months. Do keep in mind that the UK is similar to American dating in one respect: signing up for online dating websites. There’s no shortage of scam dating websites – and when time permits we’ll add a list of what sites to avoid. The best UK dating sites have one thing in common: they have actual women on them.

Too many websites are full of fake an not updated profiles. That problem is solved by picking sites that have real women – followed by understanding which ones have a penchant for going to bed more quickly than others.

Here are the top 2 websites for UK online dating:

Best British Dating WebsitesSummary Online Dating UK

This site has recently exploded in the UK. Their female-focused advertising campaigns have really attracted many women to join up - and one thing we know as men - we'll go anywhere the women are! Hehe!

At the time of writing this article, dating services in the UK is currently confined to the following cities: London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Bristol, Leicester, Coventry, Cardiff, Belfast (we're not entering the political debate), Trent, and Nottingham.

However, it seems that in wanting to become a top UK dating site, will be increasing their presence in other UK regions in the coming weeks. Let's wait and see if that promise comes true :)

Women Contacted: 100
Responses Received: 63
Actual Dates: 57 offers a free trial for new users. Online Dating UK

VISIT GETITON.COM has been around in the UK matchmaking world for a few years. It's on the 'adult dating' fringe - but it's able to attract women by promising more compatible sexual matches. It's not as dirty as Adult Friend Finder and has real women flocking to the site. It's got a good reputation for providing dating services - and because it's been around for some time - the brand naturally attracts women to the site (we assume from word of mouth from one girl to another). Again - if you don't understand that not all women on dating sites are looking for a long term relationship, you should read the 'mistakes' portion of our guide here. This is the ONLY casual dating site that we're willing to recommend at this time.

Women Contacted: 100
Responses Received: 56
Actual Dates: 52

A free trial of is available.

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