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Hey guys, Alex here the US HookupGuide Lead. The USA is always the hardest country to evaluate online dating sites for. While there are plenty of places to go dating, most sites fall into the ‘mediocre to just plain fraudulent’ categories.

The thing you need to understand about online dating in America is that it’ s a HUGE business. So it attracts both honest and not-so-honnest entrepreneurs. There are many sites out there that simply don’t’ even have real women dating on their sites. Of course, there’s plenty of men who are willing to pay top dollar to hookup with … no one!

Per our philosophy, we focused on evaluating the top dating sites in the USA. To do this, our reviewers (Alex with the help of Jack and Mick) signed up for a the most popular dating sites per the google query ‘online dating’ and signed up for both the paid and free ones. We didn’t signup for any ‘Adult Friend Finder’ or ‘Sex Dating’ websites – because in our opinion, those are all fake. Read this article (specifically Dating Mistake #5) for why we think that ‘casual hookup’ sites are all scams.

Finding & comparing the best dating sites in the the USA was based on the following factors over a 6 month period:
1) How many women we reached out to.
2) How many replied and as a result turned into real dates.
3) How many women actually showed up to real dates.

Just on a side note, the reviewers are based in the following cities: Miami, NYC and Austin. Depending on where you’re based, you might have access to more or less ladies – in general – the larger the city, the greater the number of girls dating online.

Best American Dating WebsitesSummary Online Dating America

PassionSearch tops the list of the best American online dating websites. The site has much more women than any other website we've seen previously. That might simply be because we're all in larger cities - and if you are, this is probably one you'll want to try out. It seems that the rise of this site is attributed mainly to their advertising strategy. They placed ads on every woman's oriented blog, network and online website - and they successfully attracted a lot of women into their online dating vortex.

Here are the PassionSearch Stats, from our 6 month experiment :

Women Contacted: 150
Responses Received: 87
Actual Dates: 72 is a paid site, but a free trial is available. Online Dating America

Yes, yes - we know what you're thinking - NOT MATCH.COM AGAIN! Well, first - you should take time to read our guide. We've given you a method to find, meet, attract and close women off of mainstream dating. Not any women - those that are already open to casual sex.

With that out of the way, we move on. is a great website for online dating. The sheer AMOUNT of women on this website virtually guarantees that you'll meet a few women regardless of where you're from. In general, the concentration of women on this online dating website is greater in large cities VS smaller locations. Yet, even in smaller cities like Austin - we were able to consistently find girls willing to come out of their shell and meet us on an actual date.

Women Contacted: 150
Responses Received: 82
Actual Dates: 68 is also a paid site, with a free trial available.

The above 2 sites have a good presence in most US metropolitan areas. Specifically: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philly, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Detroit, San Francisco, Miami, Indianapolis, Austin, Memphis, Boston, Baltimore, Seattle, Denver, Nashville, Washington and Las Vegas.

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