8 Critical Steps To Finding, Meeting & Attracting Women Using Regular Online Dating Websites

Perhaps you have already joined an online dating website in the past only to be disappointed by the results you’ve had. For most, online dating sites are a place where you go once you’ve exhausted your ‘real life’ options. We’re proposing a different approach … that you use online dating websites to create a circle of women around you. To this extent, this guide was written. It’s purpose is to explain the 8 steps one should master on how to find, meet and attract women open to casual dating – from regular online dating websites.

We’ll show you that you don’t have to pretend to ‘want a relationship’ on these websites in order to meet girls.

Dating Guide Step 1
STEP #1: Philosophies Of Online Dating Success
Key concepts you will need to understand to pull women from online dating websites. Think of this as the 'ten commandments'. Don't skip this step!
Dating Guide Step 2
STEP #2: Top 5 Mistakes & Misconceptions When Online Dating
The myths of online dating, debunked! Find out why most guys don't have any success dating online!
Dating Guide Step 3
STEP #3: What To Look For In *REAL* Online Dating Sites
Avoid getting scammed. There's a lot of dishonest business practices in the online dating industry. Know how to spot a scam, and learn how to pick a website that will work for you!
Dating Guide Step 4
STEP #4: How To Create a Killer Online Dating Profile
Techniques on how to create a dating profile that will eliminate the women looking for a 'serious relationship' and attract those that are open to casual sex.
Dating Guide Step 5
STEP #5: Reaching Out: The First Online Dating Email
Discussion on what to say in an introduction email to a woman, and which women to pick when doing so. This is an article on finding women that are more suggestible to casual sex.
Dating Guide Step 6
STEP #6: Initial Goals & Online Flirting Techniques
What should your goals be when talking to her for the first time? Find out here!
Dating Guide Step 7
STEP #7: Learn How To Flirt Online And Turn Women On With Words
Flirting and escalation of sexual talk is a key element of moving her towards being in a sexually aroused mood. Learn what to say and when to say it for this to happen!
Dating Guide Step 8
STEP #8: Perfectly Executing The First Date: From Meeting To Macking
This final step guides you through exact steps you need to take so that your first meeting with her results in sex. This step by step process is simple to execute. Learn how to move your casual date towards sex!

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