First Date Ideas – Tips For What To Do On A First Date

Good Ideas for a First Date With A Girl

As you play the field more and more, you’ll see your dating pipeline increase over time. After you’ve reached out to 100 women, chatted with 20-25 of them, you should be ready to meet up with10 of them with the possibility of scoring with 5 (or more) of them. Again – you’re not aiming to screw each girl you talk to – just weed out those that won’t meet your end goal of getting laid.

Here are some good ideas for a first date. To begin with, when you are thinking about where to go on a first date, never meet for coffee (too boring and caffeine rarely makes you horny) and never meet for dinner (too long of a commitment and often gets girls in the mindset for a relationship).

One of the best first date ideas is to go to a lounge, but *NOT* a bar or pub. It’s generally always a good strategy to meet for drinks in a classy place – alcohol is one of the best aphrodisiacs. It’s no coincidence that the Greek and Roman god of wine, Dionysus (also known as Bacchus), held bacchanalias, which were wild and mystic festivals attended only by women. Oh yeah, he knew what he was doing when it came to first date ideas. Another effective first date idea is to always meet between 7 and 9 PM. If you start out too late, she will either be too tired, or at least use it an excuse. If you start too early, she’ll be hungry. 7PM is the perfect time. She’s probably eaten already and she’ll be up for a quick drink. Also, never let her pick where to go on a first date – you should ALWAYS be the one to pick the location. It’s your world (based on her desires, of course).

As you think about where to go on a first date and what kind of lounges are most appropriate, pick ones that have comfortable and/or elegant seating – a place with a posh, intimate ambiance and sultry music. A good lounge idea for a first date is one that has cozy nooks to hide away in. One way to tell the difference is that bars are usually louder and have big-screen televisions playing sports. You want SOFAS and low-ish lighting. Not bar stools and Brett Favre. There are different kinds of lounges you can pick as you consider where to go on a first date: stand alone lounges, luxury hotel lounges, or lounges attached to gourmet restaurants. Those work best, as they are generally engineered for comfort. Remember – even if it’s your idea for a first date – pick one that aligns that suits her style. Once you’ve determined where to go on a first date, you need to hone down your technique to get from the venue to the bed.

Tips & Advice First Dates

The first tip for a first date is to show up early, scout and select your spot. Think about the scene in The Graduate when Benjamin enters the lounge of the Taft Hotel …

Benjamin certainly knows what to do on a first date …

It’s good that he showed up early because he was able to overcome some of the obstacles and awkwardness before Mrs. Robinson arrived. You never know what – or who – you might encounter. He followed the essential first date tips for arriving on the scene: he picked a comfortable couch where he and Mrs. Robinson could sit next to each other (never sit across from each other). Still, he is somewhat of an amateur when it comes to what to do on a first date – he could have gotten to know the wait staff so they wouldn’t have ignored him as he tried to order a drink.

Once your girl arrives, an important tip for a first date is to remember that she has regrets and some guilt about what she did with you online and / or on the phone. Remember that she still showed up – that’s a good thing. She’s intrigued yet remains cautious. Start with a semi-compliment. Tell her, “You look great.” Another first date tip is to maintain direct eye contact, but not so much that you creep her out. In the first 5 to 10 minutes, you have to make it clear with your body language that you are a safe and trustworthy man – and that you are EXACTLY that guy she was expecting to meet.

One thing to consider when you are planning how you’re going to behave and what to do on a first date is that women always have an exit plan. She WILL get a call about 15-30 minutes into the date. So you only have a very brief amount of time to muster up all your best moves to capture her attention. If she does not excuse herself after the phone call, you’re in. Along that same line, NEVER check your phone on a first date, unless it’s to show her pictures / vids to further your intimacy together. Nothing kills the mood like taking a phone call and leaving her hanging. If she sticks around for 45 minutes, you are on home stretch. At this point, a vital first date tip is to make sure you discuss interesting life experiences and adventures. Never talk about work, your children, or mundane and routine topics. Talk about the cool places you’ve been and the exciting things you’ve done – try to find things in common. If the conversation becomes stale, a handy first date tip is to switch to a new venue. Simply tell her, “Come on, let me show you this awesome place I know right around the corner.” Have something scouted as a backup plan for the switch, obviously.

What not to do on a first date is to let it go on for so long she gets too tired for sex or things become anti-climactic, or she has too much to drink. (You don’t want her to get drunk, that will lead to disaster on many different levels.) Timing is important. Keep your radar on for when the conversation is reaching its peak. A useful tip for a first date is gauge her readiness for sex by your physical interaction – don’t assume that flirty pecks on the cheek and hand holding means she’s ready. Watch for ultra obvious signs, such as heavy groping, making out and tongue action.

When you area reaching the final stretch of your time at the lounge, one thing to keep in mind about what to do on a first date is where you go next – don’t suggest her place unless she invites. Propose going to a more private place. Go to your place (that’s the safest bet), or if the mood and circumstances lend themselves, go to a very nice hotel room or an adventurous hideaway. And please use a condom, even if she says she’s on the pill, moron! The Golden Sex Rule of this Century: NO GLOVE, NO LOVE!

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