Flirting Online – The Gentle Art Of Creating Desire In Women

First Contact: Flirting on Online Dating Websites

When a girl replies to your first email, you’ve made contact – and you’re now ready for some light online flirting through your initial emails on the dating website. At this point, you’ll want to LIGHTLY flirt online to help you get to the next step – to have more real-time and personal communication with her, which you’ll do through instant messaging or SMS/texts messages. Flirting on online dating websites is just the beginning. It’s important to graduate beyond that basic level of interaction because it will give you more access to her, and it’s a good indication that she is ready to trust you and get to know you further. Also – it doesn’t tie you down to her “being on the site” all the time. You can simply chat with her on your own time. We’ve seen people sign up and disappear – you want ANY girl that you’ve spoken to – and we mean ANY – to be available on some form of third party chat / SMS for you to communicate effectively.

Flirting Online: Basic Advice & Tips

Flirting on online dating websites should simply be a gateway to more intimate communication through IM or SMS. Don’t spend too much time or effort at this level – your initial email exchanges should be fun and light. Anything really “deep” should be saved for a more real-time method of communication. After several messages, you should have a pretty good idea if she’s interested in you. For one, she’ll reply to your messages. Other good signs are when she responds to your comments and asks you questions in return.

At any given time, when your chick pipeline is in full force, you should be actively and personally communicating with 25 women, more or less. Remember that you are aiming to meet 10 of them with the goal of scoring with roughly 5 – and that’s after you’ve already weeded out the undesirables who are looking for hardcore commitment.

When you flirt online with women, the best thing to remember is “less is more.” You should not write more than 5 emails each back and forth, and you should avoid long winded responses. Be short and sweet. Ask a few light-hearted questions to entice her, such as “Where would you go if you could be anywhere right now?”, but DON’T ask “What are you wearing right now?” See the difference? One is more intimate – and you want those intimate elements to be as “live” as possible through IM or SMS/phone. Don’t be too serious in your replies when you are flirting online – tease her a little.

When you feel that you’ve established a strong connection after a few sessions of online flirting, vaguely state your interest in her. Say something like “You’re not like the others. I think I’d like to talk to you more.” If her response is positive, you are ready to ask for her phone number or IM screen name. It’s easy to say: “Just add me on IM … I can’t chat too much here from work”.

The above is really easy to do, and it’s low commitment. She’ll do it – because she knows she can block you if you’re not a cool guy. Of course, that ideally shouldn’t happen. But it’s that simple option to “block” that makes the commitment of adding you simple and easy to do.

Keep in mind that you will need to devote at least 7 hours of escalating personal interaction with a woman through instant or text messaging before you actually meet her in person. So do most of that NOT in person :) Get her to like you before she meets you.

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