Online Dating Email Tips – Creating GREAT First Emails

Online Dating Email – Targeting the Right Women

Before you even create your first online dating email, you need to think about the type of women you want to target in order to get maximum return. You’ll start out by reaching out to 100 women through your online dating emails…at least. Your goal is to get them interested enough to click through to your profile. About 75 of them will ignore or delete your email, and that’s fine. A 20-25% return rate is what you should expect on average. One online dating email tip is to target busy women who are single mothers, career driven (particularly lawyers, nurses, and executives), or travel frequently. They don’t have time to waste on dates and relationships – especially if they are 30 and older. Their biological clocks are ticking faster, and even if they don’t want children, their bodies are driving them to want more sex.

Remember when you were 20ish, and you got attacked by a cougar in a bar? She wanted you and she didn’t apologize for it. Similarly, busy women have a tendency to “cut the bullshit” and get to the point.

Before you sit down to create your first online dating email, brainstorm a list of all the qualities that make you unique and better than the average man. It could be related to your physique, your career, your interests and hobbies, or some of the travels and adventures you’ve had. This is a useful online dating email tip, because then you’ll have a wide choice of material to choose from when you are ready to compose the first message.

Creating the First Online Dating Email

Your first online dating email should be short, specific, intriguing, and call women to action.
Writing a short initial message – 3 to 5 lines – is a crucial email tip when online dating because the women you are targeting don’t have time to read long emails. They also get bombarded by cut ‘n’ pasted, long and boring emails ABOUT THE MAN. REMEMBER: It’s about her! Not you! You also don’t want to start off in a way that makes you seem like you have too much time on your hands or that you are obsessive in any way. When you are creating your online dating email you also need to be very specific. Never copy and paste a generic greeting – women are extremely perceptive. You’ll pique their interest if they see you are attentive and can relate to them. Pick one thing from her profile and comment on it.

Another key online dating email tip is to be intriguing. While you want them to notice that you noticed them, you also want them to notice you. Be slightly complex – a man who likes sports is much more intriguing if he also writes poetry. A man who is extremely wealthy is also more interesting if he likes to backpack around the world – on a dollar-a-day. Finally, you must call the women to action in your online dating email. Say something that prompts them to click through to your profile, for example, “Don’t believe me? Check out my photos …” or “I think we might have ONE THING in common: . Check out my profile and get back to me.”

One good message we’ve found that works well for a guy who works with us on this site is:

“You remind me of someone that I met in Brazil. She was interesting and also liked _____. I’d love to have a chat – check me out & hit me up when you’re online. I won’t bite. Promise.”

The guy who wrote that:
1) Spent 4 years in Brazil working
2) Could talk at length about travel
3) Had pics on his profile to back up his “traveler” persona

I’m sure you get the gist by now – simply avoid generic boring email introductions. Be original. Be specific. Don’t apologize. Don’t ask for permission. Be a fucking man, god damnit!

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