Online Dating Mistakes – Misconceptions When Using Online Dating Sites

Online Dating Mistake #1: After just a few days, expect to meet girls who will sleep with you.

Before you even launch into the process of creating your very own revolving door of sexually-eager women, don’t fall for this online dating mistake or you’ll be sorely disappointed. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is this. It’s not rocket science, but if it were that easy, the streets would be free and clear of all men because they’d be in bed getting laid twenty-four hours a day. To maximize your online dating strategy, you need to dedicate at least 2 to 3 months to create a chick pipeline by reaching out, contacting, meeting, and finally banging. You must be engaged in all four steps of this process – all of the time. Otherwise productivity will grind to a halt. Think about it like a bread factory: mix flour and water, knead, bake, and deliver to the table. You can’t have fresh bread every day if one of these steps was neglected at any point. The same applies to having a spanking new, hot girl in your bed on a regular basis.

Online Dating Mistake #2: Create a “nice guy” online dating profile to get more women.

This is true, but it also means that 90% of the women who respond to you will want relationships. Those are NOT the ones we want. Only 20% of women on online dating channels will actually be interested in sleeping with you, without all the conditional fine print. Do the math – instead of the average 3 months to create your pipeline of girls ready to sleep with you, it would take you almost 10 times as long. That’s 30 months! This archaic online dating strategy only works if you are willing to engage in some degree of monk-hood for a few years – which sucks. What you need to do is cut to the chase and reach out to the ones who DO respond to non-committal messages. To achieve this goal much quicker, you have to eliminate the 90% of women focused on relationships, up front and without mercy. You want to bang a girl – not date her. You don’t even want to pretend that you’re seriously interested in her to bang her. But you do want her to think you “like her” at some level. (To read a more detailed online dating strategy on the topic of creating your profile, see Article 4.)

Online Dating Mistake #3: Get to the date as quickly as possible.

Remember that the actual date is not your goal. Arranging the date too soon in the process is sexual suicide – one of the most tragic and novice online dating mistakes. That’s simply the next-to-last step to your ultimate goal of getting laid. You need to focus on getting her ready to jump on you by the time you have that first date. And the first date needs to be pre-planned (more on that later). And all good things come to those who wait – and better yet, to those who are proactive in making it happen. Don’t expect a girl to want to tear your clothes off after a couple of brief phone calls and one chat session. If you’re acting the part online, you need to come through offline. Measure twice, cut once! You need to put in roughly seven hours of escalating sensual and sexual interaction with a woman to build up her interest and excitement. As part of your online dating strategy, strategically cultivate your contact with women thorough IM/chat, phone calls, text messages, and Skype. It all adds to the final tally of her being comfortable with you.

Online Dating Mistake #4: Believe that all women on traditional online dating sites want a relationship.

As with old-fashioned real life dating, making this generalization about women in your online dating strategy is dangerous (and self-defeating), leading you to try to give off the impression that you are a “nice guy.” REMEMBER: You don’t want to be the guy who’s part of the regular online-dating guy crowd. We’re talking here about the men that pretend to be nice guys. Those that tell a woman “I love you” just to sleep with them. This isn’t class – it’s deceitful and dishonest. And once you sleep with her, you won’t get a second shot unless you keep up the dating charade. Women are just as horny as men, but only about 10% of the women who sign up with conventional, “vanilla” dating sites are explicitly interested in getting banged without all the dating and relationship fluff. We can’t emphasize enough that part of your online dating strategy should be to immediately eliminate the 90% of the women who are irrelevant to your goal.

Online Dating Mistake #5: Sign up for an adult dating site to find women eager to sleep with you.

This is completely false, no matter how much the adult website claims to have amazing, money-back guarantees that you are going to meet the most exotically beautiful creatures of your dreams at the convenience of your computer keyboard. If you make the mistake of incorporating adult sites into your online dating strategy, honestly, you might as well go to the red-light district.

99% of self-respecting women will NOT post slutty, naked, and pornographic pictures of themselves. The remaining 1% probably won’t be in your city or don’t actually exist. Adult dating websites are fake and scams. We know because we have tried them – and they simply don’t have any women there. Use traditional dating channels – just filter out the noise. Go where there are actual REAL LIFE women.

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