Top Online Dating Sites – A Method For Picking The Best Dating Website For You

The Truly Best Online Dating Sites Have Actual Women’s Profiles!

There are several factors you need to consider when choosing the best online dating sites to find women to hook up with.


First of all, which site you choose is highly dependent on where you live. It’s completely geographically based. So pick a website that has a lot of women in your area. The larger, more mainstream sites are generally considered the top online dating sites. They have more (real) women, and as a result, more women in your local area. Also, the women that are worth sleeping with know where the top online dating sites are – they are going to go to well known sites that have high user ratings, and that offer the best choices for mates. The women that are looking for sex on these certified best online dating sites are also looking for decent and respectable men…not the kind that go slobbering for women on adult sites as if they were pieces of meat. Just because they want sex doesn’t mean they don’t care about quality of men they meet on dating sites. It’s very similar to real life dating, in fact. And yes, you can still be (somewhat) respectable even if your goal is simply to get laid.

Another thing to consider when choosing the best online dating sites is to look for those sites that give you advanced search options. The more you can hone down particular details about a woman that match your interests and tastes, the more you’ll know about how to approach her, what to say to her, and what kind of fantasy to create for her that will entice her. The top online dating sites will allow you to search the database not only by age and location, but also based on other preferences – even type of connection you are looking for. Some of the best online dating sites also have compatibility tests or questionnaires – they are a pain to fill in, but yield better end-results. And if all else fails, use your best judgment – if it looks sketchy, then it’s probably not a true top online dating site.

Misconceptions About the Best Online Dating Sites

Many guys out there believe that the best online dating sites for hooking up are the adult websites. This is completely false, no matter how much the adult site claims to be *THE* top online dating site where you are going to meet the hottest women of your dreams at the convenience of your computer keyboard – it just simply isn’t true. If you make the mistake of thinking that adult sites are your sure bet as top online dating sites to get laid, honestly, you might as well go to the red-light district. You better start saving up money for a plane ticket to Amsterdam.

99% of self-respecting women will NOT post slutty, naked, and pornographic pictures of themselves on the truly top online dating sites. The remaining 1% probably won’t be in your city or don’t actually exist. Adult dating websites are fake and total scams – get it through your thick skull – they are not the best online dating sites. We know because we have tried these so called “top online dating sites,” and they simply don’t have any real women there. Theses adult sites lure you in with the same dozen or so stock pictures of sexy chicks who you can supposedly meet online. The profiles are fake or outdated. These are the tactics they use to pass themselves off as the best online dating sites. Think of it this way – do those sites seem too good to be true? That’s because they are too good to be true.

To find top online dating sites, use traditional dating channels…just filter out the noise. Go where there are actual REAL LIFE women. These vanilla dating sites, contrary to what you might believe, are the best online dating sites.


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